5 Non-Pandemic Reasons to Add QR Code Enhanced Window SHOPPING in 2022

#literalwindowshoppoing is a retail unicorn that’s easy to harness (Photo by Mai Truong on Unsplash)

The Scan to Shop Solution was created as a response to the pandemic’s disruption of in-person shopping in 2020. When we found ourselves (like most businesses) unable to open our doors to shoppers, we innovated a new way to sell, using our window displays and QR codes. More than just a workaround, this method turned out to be something that excited customers. Even with the promise of vaccines returning the world to more familiar shopping habits, QR code enhanced window-selling is a useful tool that addresses some longstanding problems in retail.

1. Late Night & Early Morning Crowds

Unless you’re open 24 hours a day, there are blocks of time that potential customers are walking past your store, unable to shop. Whether it’s early morning commuters heading to their bus or the full and tipsy after-dinner crowd, people are walking past your windows while you’re closed and only a fraction will come back when you’re open. Enabling these people to make purchases in the moment is the definition of impulse shopping (and some of the best impulse shoppers are in a hurry or full of food & drink).

2. Companions that Can’t or Don’t Want to Go Inside

We’ve all been in the situation where you looked at a shop’s windows and wanted to go in but you were with someone that didn’t (or vice versa). Or maybe you didn’t want to bring a fussy kid inside. Or you were walking your dog. You get the idea. Like after-hours shoppers, some of these people will find their way back at a more convenient time but this is another prime impulse shopping moment you’ll be able to capture.

3. Introvert Shoppers

There are a lot of introverts in the world and in-person shopping is not something a lot of them enjoy. This group gravitates to self checkout lanes and online shopping because it cuts out the stress of dealing with things like crowds and small talk. Most of these people do however still go out in the world and are even known to buy things. Meeting them where they are with shoppable windows will help drive them to your website, where they’re already more comfortable interacting.

4. Take Control of Your Time & Scheduling

Consider rethinking the hours you’re open. If there are times and days that bring you limited business, maybe you can let your windows work those shifts instead. By focusing on being open when you know there will be customers, you can be more effective with your payroll or even take back some of your own time as a business owner!

5. Engage Customers with the Novelty of It

People like fun, new things. This is a novel application of technology that is already widely available and in most of your customers’ pockets. People know how to window-shop, they know how to use the camera on their smartphones, and practically everyone got familiar with online shopping in 2020. Bringing all of these elements together creates an experience that feels new but familiar enough that many people can intuitively figure it out on their own. For everyone else, some simple signage that explains the concept will bring them up to speed.

In short, if you have a brick & mortar shop with a retail website, this method is for you. Enhancing your window displays with QR codes is an easy, low cost investment that can be completed in as little as one day and ready to start showing returns immediately.

Those familiar with using QR codes, are likely having an ah-ha moment and already working out how to implement this. On the other hand, if this method seems confusing, complicated, or perhaps even intimidating, we created a guide with resources to help you understand and simplify the whole process. Beyond providing the steps to add #literalwindowshopping, it gets you thinking about how to customize it for your needs. Only 25 pages long, the guide is short enough to read during a lunch break but packed with information to help you get your windows turning dollars with minimal effort. The guide is a one time cost of $10 for an immediate pdf download. Also available is a collection of 25 ready-to-print posters that help streamline introducing customers to this new way to shop.

Available now at scantoshopsolution.com