An omnichannel method for driving online traffic and increasing sales through window shopping (#literalwindowshopping), facilitated by QR codes that direct to unique items on your e-commerce site. Our omnichannel method not only bridges the gap between shoppers seeing items in a store window and being able to readily purchase them online, but also clearly explains this new way to shop to customers. Ideal for BOPIS and click and collect shops.
The jargony terms are "brick + click" and "omnisales channels", but to put it simply, if your business has both a physical storefront and an e-commerce site then you have the foundation to make #literalwindowshopping work.

A physical storefront with windows to display items 24/7, an e-commerce website to direct online traffic to, and access to a computer to generate QR codes and prepare them for printing.

Not at all, this is totally beginner level. If you can copy+paste a URL, then you've got the tech skills to create your QR codes. If you also have the basic skills to arrange your QR codes in a document for printing, then you're good to go.

We've developed The Scan to Shop Solution so that our method can be incorporated in as little as a day. It took us a few weeks to create this method from scratch with custom-built shelves and lighting. Implementation will vary depending on how involved you wish to make your window display.

While there's no way to say for sure, we had our first scan to shop sale just 4 days after introducing this brand new, first-of-its-kind shopping method (even before we had our signage created). Your success with the Scan to Shop method is subject to your individual business, products, and customers.

Alexa Allamano and Matthew Burtner are the husband-and-wife team behind The Scan to Shop Solution. Read more about us

Our mission is to see this method be adopted widely by other small businesses; done so quickly and with ease. We priced this toolkit to be accessible for most any business. A rising tide lifts all boats, so the more retailers that begin to offer #literalwindowshopping means more will succeed as this new way to shop becomes common practice.

Our growing network of retailers offering scan to shop window shopping. We felt compelled to create this toolkit to teach #literalwindowshopping to independent shops; to both strengthen economic recovery and let small businesses shape the future of retail, for once. Instead of struggling to keep up with conglomerates, in this moment small businesses have the chance to reshape the retail landscape to our advantage. We began the #literalwindowshopping movement to re-imagine and revive main street for the benefit of businesses and customers alike. Join us!

We don't make any promises or offer any money-back guarantees. While this method has proven to be successful and easy to implement for other businesses, the publisher and authors offer no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience by following the advice and strategies contained in the guide, and you accept the risk that results will differ for each business.

There's no catch. This method is cutting edge because QR codes are finally becoming widely adopted in consumer-facing applications, due to smartphone enhancements that make scanning QR codes an intuitive function of the camera app. The biggest hurdle we are helping retailers to overcome is educating customers on how easy it is to scan to shop.

If you feel like you understand and can add this method on your own, you probably can. This concept is beautiful in its simplicity. We created an infographic and even offer a few sample chapters for free to help. This guide is for everyone that wants to skip the headache of the figuring it out process. Those who appreciate extra tips and ideas to best utilize the versatility of this new selling method. The Scan to Shop Solution also includes ready-to-print signage that explains #literalwindowshopping to customers for anyone that wants to save the time designing posters. It's a small investment to jumpstart this sales method.