The Scan to Shop Solution: guidebook for omnichannel window shopping with QR codes

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Monetize store windows and capitalize on impulse buying with reinvented "window shopping" that finally includes shopping!

The Scan to Shop Solution is a guidebook for small business owners and independent retailers. The guide to omnichannel window shopping includes...

  • Quick 25 page .pdf guide for immediate download with step-by-step instructions from planning your windows and creating QR codes to setting up new delivery and pick-up options. Viewable on any device that can open a .pdf
  • Link to guided webinar all about Scan to Shop.
  • One done-for-you Scan to Shop poster to encourage browsers to try this new omnichannel method.

The Scan to Shop Solution is a how-to guidebook for Retailers to create and utilize QR codes to grow their small businesses with literal window SHOPPING (and more!) An invaluable tool written for retailers, by retailers.

Have you ever thought about how much foot traffic your store misses before and after hours? The early morning joggers, the bus commuters, the after dinner strollers and night owls. 

Not to mention shoppers with tricky companions like kids, pets, spouses, or disinterested shopping buddies.

And - obviously given the times we live in - the percent of people who feel reluctant to shop indoors for public health concerns... it ain't nuthin'.

Now... imagine your customers and curious foot traffic experiencing a novel new way to shop your storefront from the sidewalk anytime, day or night. 24/7 access.

It's 2021 and this is a reality our business has been pioneering for the past year.

Customers love this convenient new way to #shoplocal that brings online shopping into real life

The ease and convenience of QR codes now make it possible to monetize your window displays. 
With the accessibility of QR codes and the advanced tech in modern smartphones, we are able to redefine what it means to window shop. Our method easily turns the browsing space of a store window display into an outdoor hybrid shopping experience - "online shopping, IRL"

The Scan-to-Shop Solution will guide you step-by-step to leverage the visibility of your brick and mortar storefront in order to deliver a dynamic shopping experience that converts browsers into paying customers, anytime day or night.

We're talking that 24/7, make money in your sleep kind of added sales action. A fully monetized dark storefront.

On their own schedule, shoppers can enjoy both your stellar visual merchandising and hassle free mobile ordering with their smartphone while bypassing the top complaint in e-commerce -- poor searchability.

Appeal to your customers' desire to #shoplocal while also meeting them where they're at by facilitating outdoor shopping through your store window. By incorporating the ease and convenience of mobile shopping for contactless checkout you've created a safe alternative for patrons who may be reluctant to venture indoors - whether it's due to health concerns or merely complicated cohorts. Top notch accessibility and service!

Our Scan to Shop method is an unbelievably simple, omnichannel approach to the holy grail of retail... how to make money from a dark storefront.

This is it; goodbye, window shopping. Hello window SELLING.

We've applied our first-hand knowledge and experience of innovating and implementing our Scan to Shop method at our storefront. All the value is packed into this quick guide.

Our guidebook will lead you through the process of quickly and easily incorporating our Scan to Shop method in order to grow sales 24/7. In the guide we spill all our top tips for enhancing your storefront with QR codes and how this system overcomes the #1 cause of site abandonment in e-commerce.

Our 25-page ebook and guided webinar will empower you to easily add #literalwindowshopping in as little as one day.

You'll learn...

*The simple step-by-step process to creating QR codes

*Best practices for displaying QR codes

*QR codes best uses - tested and proven!

Featured in The Financial Times, Alignable, Seattleite, Bankrate, Small Businesses Do it Better, 425 Magazine, Seattle Good Business Network, and Whidbey Weekly.

When you order The Scan to Shop Solution you'll receive:

- instant digital guidebook download

- access to our webinar

- ready-to-print Scan to Shop poster

Maximize your retail game with our guide for just $10.

With the digital guidebook you'll also receive one ready-to-print poster that explains #literalwindowshopping to customers as well as a webinar walking you through this method (in case you happen to be a visual learner).

Benefit from our experience and streamline the process to window selling.

As busy store owners who pioneered this method ourselves, we understand how cumbersome pivoting a business can be. With that in mind, we also created a supplemental signage package, The Scan to Shop Solution Poster Package which includes a variety of ready-to-print posters that explain #literalwindowshopping to browsers. The Poster Package also comes with links to all customizable poster templates on Canva.

Cheers to your success in the future of retail!



    The Scan to Shop Solution is a one-time investment of only $10

    Learn how to unlock the limitless sales and growth potential of literal window shopping - as well as many more ways to utilize QR codes to grow a small business.

    To further streamline the process, we've created a collection of eye-catching and informative signs to introduce this new literal window shopping concept to customers. Not only are all 25 signs in the poster collection ready to print, but also include links to their templates on Canva for branding and customization if desired. Add the poster package for just $20


    A note from the authors...

    We felt compelled to create this toolkit so #literalwindowshopping could be added quickly and with ease. Our mission is to see this omnichannel method adopted widely by other independent shops so small businesses can shape the future of retail instead of struggling to keep up with conglomerates for once.

    In this moment we as small businesses owners have the chance to reshape the retail landscape in our favor. This #retailrevolution aims to re-imagine and revive main street for the benefit of businesses and customers alike. We hope you'll join us.